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  • Compact Mold Mounted Injection Units
  • 2-Component Molding

Melt delivery is the core of our business and our injection units offer the flexibility to be a building block within an automated system. Vector Injection uses a combination of injection, extrusion, automation, and robot integration to develop custom part manufacturing solutions.


Compact Injection Unit Our X-Caliber All Electric Injection Unit is the most versatile injection unit available today. It can be moved to any position on a mold in a horizontal or vertical orientation.


Power Molds
There is a current trend in mold making for servo motors to replace hydraulics. Our team provides the electro-mechanical engineering to complement toolmaker mold design and machining capabilities.

We bring a new dimension to motion and control systems so you can deliver a turnkey mold to your customer.


Injection Molding Machines
New technology and custom solutions come together in our purpose built Custom Injection Molding Machines. Examples of our machines include:

  • Three-platen machines where an additional mini-platen is added to a machine to mold a seal or decorative element.

  • Three-component 32 cavity medical molding machine featuring Vector Injection proprietary injection technology.

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