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SolveTech Inc. Precision Gauging SolutionsSolveTech specializes in Thickness Gauging Systems for plastic films and other non-conductive materials, such as ceramics, nonwovens, and paper. Products are available for both on-line and off-line, lab use. Measurements are non-contacting, high precision and high speed of response.

Key application areas include:

  • Blown Film - both on line (after the lay flat) and lab profiling

  • Cast Film - specialty diagnostic measurements for machine direction variability, along with a high precision profiler for lab use

  • Converting - special on-line narrow web gauges, including our Array Gauge for webs up to 24 inches.

SolveTech's most popular products include:

Precision Profiler™ - SolveTech's off-line system with amazing accuracy and precision - guaranteed the best on the market. Simple calibration tools and software make it a "must have" for quality control.

Precision SpotChecker™ - SolveTech's newest non-contact gauging system for thickness and basis weight measurements. Great for thin, sticky, soft, or other "hard to handle" materials.

BF200 Blown Film Gauging System - This non-contact, on-line system is designed to measure film thickness after the lay-flat. Easy to use, yet offers features that satisfy the most demanding user.

Single Channel Gauging System - Affordable on-line gauge to measure narrow web or along-the-edge. Fast response and low noise.

LineMaster™ MD Gauging System - The first measurement system dedicated to downweb quality and diagnostics. Monitor and characterize. Study and diagnose. Reduce variability and hit target thickness like never before.

MultiChannel™ Array Gauge - Fast, accurate and non-nuclear. Provides 100% continuous coverage on web widths up to 36 inches.

Custom Measurement Heads - SolveTech has the unique capability of providing custom measurement heads to match critical application requirements.

Visit the SolveTech Inc. Web Site

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