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Gammaflux Temperature ControlGammaflux L.P. is a leading supplier of hot runner controls to the plastics injection molding industry. Long known for innovation in temperature control technology, Gammaflux products are used on hot runner systems worldwide on some of the industry’s most challenging injection molding systems applications. Combining digital capabilities with precise analog control, Gammaflux systems enable the user to achieve centralized command of molding systems and retrieve critical data for performance analysis.

With economical yet full-featured hot runner control for small applications, from 2-24 zones, and temperature controls with advanced software capabilities for large systems up to 640 zones, Gammaflux has the solution for your injection molding hot runner system challenge.


Gammaflux Redfines Temperature ControlRedefining Temperature Control

Gammaflux hot runner temperature control systems deliver superior reliability, ease of use, tight control and value to each and every application on which they're used. Don't just take our word for it; take the Gammaflux Challenge and try a Gammaflux controller risk-free on your molding application. Better temperature control could potentially mean:

  • Better part quality
  • Less scrap
  • Improved part weight consistency
  • Material savings
  • Higher profit margins

There is a Gammaflux hot runner temperature controller for all types of hot runner molding applications. The new line of LEC controllers is designed for applications requiring from 2 to 24 zones of control. The LEC represents an extremely affordable yet full-featured solution for molders. With the simple addition of an optional network module, the LEC provides advanced capabilities including security options, remote input, alarm output, and diagnostics.

The Gammaflux TTC Family of hot runner temperature control systems provide state-of-the-art control for applications up to 640 zones of control. The TTC features two interface options:

  • the original TTC Touchscreen Interface, which manages up to 640 zones of control, a built-in Windows NT® operating system and additional capabilities, and
  • the new TTC International Interface, a full-featured yet substantially lower cost option which manages up to 128 zones of control.

In addition, the TTC is available as a Panel Mount controller, which seamlessly integrates Gammaflux technology into any injection molding machine's control panel. This saves valuable floor space and provides molders with the ultimate in convenience.

All Gammaflux hot runner temperature controllers feature Gammaflux-proprietary PID² control algorithms which help deliver smooth, accurate temperature control. Plus, the completely modular design of all Gammaflux systems allows for quick, easy control card addition and replacement.

All Gammaflux controllers are backed by a complete 5-year warranty (2 years for WindowsTouch Screens) and supported by the worldwide Gammaflux service and support network.

Windows NT® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

New Products

Gammaflux introduces two new options for its G24 hot runner temperature control systems product line. Both options are designed to help increase productivity and profitability for injection molders.

Gammaflux Water Flow Monitoring

Water Flow Monitoring
The new Water Flow Monitoring option can be added to any Gammaflux G24 controller. This option employs dual output flow and temperature sensors in the molding cell to monitor and ensure proper water flow throughout the mold. Adequate water flow in a hot runner mold is critical towards protecting water and valve gate seals, which will overheat and potentially leak without properly chilled, circulating water.

Good parts are highly dependent on adequate cooling in the mold to control various aspects of the molded part including finish, shrinkage and general dimension repeatability. Monitoring multiple points of temperature, pressure and flow throughout the mold can identify problems prior to quality control rejection and document production for critical applications.

The new Water Flow Monitor feature supports 16 analog channels (8 dual output sensors) as a standard. An optional second module would provide 32 total channels of monitoring (16 dual output sensors). It includes data logging capability whereby the user can graph a single chart for various increments for up to 4 days of continuous operation.

Gammaflux Water Flow Monitoring

Water Flow Monitoring is one of Gammaflux’s three main suggested molding machine interlocks to prevent problems and potential downtime. The three interlocks include:

  • Water/cooling input – protects water and valve gate seals
  • OK to run output – prevents cold valve gate movement and excessive injection pressure
  • Standby input – avoids burning the material

This new Water Flow Monitoring option adds to the advanced capabilities of the Gammaflux G24, as much more than just a hot runner temperature controller. “Our products have really evolved into production monitoring systems for molders. “They are so much more advanced than they were even a few years ago.”

G24 – The High-Performance Temperature Control System

This high-performance control system unites the compact dimensions of Gammaflux’s LEC controllers with the performance attributes of the TTC models. The G24 controllers also use the Triangulated Control Technology® developed by Gammaflux, a technology that in practical terms means: temperature sensing in 50 ms cycles, temperature evaluation with the self-adapting PID² control algorithm and actuation with phase angle firing control.

G24 – The High-Performance Temperature Control System

The G24 high-performance temperature control system combines improved user benefit and superior performance with reduced floor space requirements

Further innovations make the G24

  • Simpler – the operator can familiarize himself with the working and programming of the G24 controller in just a few minutes; when set to automatic operation, the controller operates in accordance with best industrial practice.
  • Less expensive – through the use of fewer electronic components and optimum exploitation of the global supply chain for these components.
  • Smaller – each control module is rated for 15 A and up to 24 zones can be accommodated in one single control block. By comparison with the TTC controller, a G24 controller with 128 zones takes up 48% less floor space.
  • Faster – the industrial duty USB interface to the screen ensures an update rate of 0.1 sec.
  • More flexible – the standard module is equipped with two 15 A outputs which can be used for both hot runner tip and manifold zone control.

Input/output (I/O) interfaces to the injection moulding machine ensure that no reject mouldings are produced and no serious damage can occur to the mould. Thanks to its screen input facility, the G24 software simplifies the interlock between the mould and the machine and also interlock simulation during machine set-up prior to commencement of production. It goes without saying that the new control system features the tried and tested “Mold Doctor® ” functions for mould troubleshooting and for “Performance Monitoring”, the latter serving as a means of detecting leakages and faults in the hot runner system. Every G24 controller comes with a full 5-year Gammaflux warranty.

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